What Is Under Eye or Jelly Roll Botox?

What Is Under Eye Or Jelly Roll Botox

What Is Under Eye or Jelly Roll Botox?

Have you found yourself searching to find out what is under eye or jelly roll Botox? Are you concerned with the appearance of the area under your eyes when you smile or laugh? “Jelly eye rolls” are the rolls that appear under the eyes when you’re laughing or smiling. Like many, you may not like the way that area looks and are wondering if there is anything you can do about it. These jelly rolls can make you look tired and exhausted and can even make your eyes appear swollen or irritated. If you are reading this, likely you are concerned about your under-eye area. Do not worry because the jelly roll that occurs under the eye area is not rare and it is quite common.

What Causes Under Eye Wrinkles or Jelly Rolls?

You may wonder why jelly eye rolls appear or how to get rid of them. These jelly rolls form from the circular muscles around the eye moving continuously by the opening and shutting of your eyelids. This also occurs by frequent blinking or squinting which can make your jelly eye roll appear worse over time. These muscle movements can also make creases form under the eye which just like with the jelly eye roll, is generally not very attractive and can age your appearance. These jelly rolls are not to be confused with eye fat bulging also known as fat hypertrophy that causes the under-eye area to appear baggy and bulging. This is a separate issue that requires a surgical correction.

Jelly Roll Botox

You may ask is it possible to get rid of your jelly roll? The good news is that there is a nonsurgical option to address the puffy and exhausted look.  The jelly eye roll can be treated easily with a small amount of Botox or other neuromodulator medication like Botox that is placed carefully under the eye. Botox is a medication that is used to soften lines and wrinkles formed into the skin that occurs with the normal aging process. Botox injections are performed by licensed medical professional such as a nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician and are quick and nearly painless. By using Botox under the eye, your jelly eye roll can be smoothed out giving you a more alert and refreshed look. You may wonder if a dermal filler would treat this area. Filler is used to replace volume in an area of fat pad loss or bone loss due to the normal aging process. While dermal filler is commonly placed under the eye, or the tear trough area, this is for a separate issue not the jelly roll. Therefore, it is important to first establish if you are a good candidate for the jelly roll treatment.

How Do Jelly Roll Botox Treatments Work?

The sound of Botox injections being placed under the eye might sound a little intimidating. The first step in receiving this treatment is to first establish if you are a good candidate. With an experienced aesthetic provider like one at Green Relief Health, you will be given a complete health evaluation including a skin assessment to evaluate the jelly eye roll area. Sometimes this area is not appropriate to inject if you have certain conditions like swelling around the eye or excess skin looseness, also known as laxity. If this were the case, Botox injections in this area can make the excess skin appear worse.

Great care is used to achieve a natural balance between smoothing the jelly roll lines, while retaining the ability to make natural facial expressions. People seldom want a face that appears “frozen” and expressionless. The goal is to minimize the lines, while allowing you to remain expressive. If you choose a qualified provider in Baltimore, MD, the Botox cosmetic injections can be done quickly with natural-looking results. Maximum effect can usually be accomplished with one treatment.

After your jelly eye roll treatment, you can expect to have nothing more than minor bruising or redness which should resolve quickly. You should not engage in strenuous activity for the rest of the day after your jelly roll Botox. You should not touch your face or areas of treatment to avoid any complications such as infection or having the Botox migrate into unintended areas. You should also not lay down for a few hours after your jelly eye roll treatment. You can expect that your jelly roll Botox treatment will start to show effect within three to five days with full effect from that session at fourteen days. Just like with any other area of the face, Botox typically wears off after three to four months and you will then require an additional treatment if you desire to maintain the anti-wrinkle effect.

Other Under Eye Treatments

While Botox under the eye can be an effective and safe way to relax this bulge and tiring look, there are other treatments that you can do to soften under the eye creases and wrinkles. Investing in high quality medical grade skin care is an important step in maintaining your skin and helping to achieve a natural, youthful appearance. Getting enough rest as well as enough hydration are also ways you can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles under the eye. Do not also forget the importance of wearing SPF 30 or higher to protect your face and skin from sun related damage which causes wrinkling and under eye creases.

Why Choose Green Relief Health?

You may ask yourself where to go to receive jelly roll treatment that is safe and reputable. This is very important and treating the under-eye area is not a procedure that you should leave to just anyone. Your provider should be experienced and knowledgeable in treating the jelly roll and should provide you with before and after photos when requested. The under-eye skin is very fragile and delicate, and it is essential that you find a provider to perform this jelly roll treatment who will maintain your safety as the highest priority. At Green Relief Health, you can expect nothing less than the very best experience for all your aesthetic, anti-aging needs. You can book a consultation online here or give us a call at 410-368-0420.

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