What Is A Lip Flip Treatment?

What Is A Lip Flip Treatment

What Is A Lip Flip Treatment?

Do you find yourself wondering what exactly a lip flip treatment is and what is all about the lip flip trend? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This article will go over everything from what a lip flip is to how it differs from lip filler treatment, even to where to go to get a lip flip done. First, let’s look at what exactly a lip flip is.

What Is A Lip Flip?

A lip flip is a nonsurgical aesthetic treatment using anti-wrinkle medication such as Botox, Jeuveau, or Dysport. The medication is then injected using a tiny needle near the upper lip line to smooth out the wrinkles above your upper lip. Another great benefit to the lip flip treatment is that it makes your top lip appear fuller. You might ask how this occurs. The anti-wrinkle medication causes the muscle of the lip to relax, and in turn this pulls the upper lip up a bit allowing it to look plumper and fuller. You might read that a needle is injected near your lip and be thinking of how that might feel. While this area of the lip and mouth has very sensitive skin due to abundant nerve endings, the needle used for injection is quite small making it feel like a tiny pinch. There are options that your provider can do such as icing the skin and applying a numbing cream prior to treatment. Both measures help to improve the patient’s experience by reducing the discomfort associated with the procedure. It is important to note that this procedure should only be performed by a licensed and certified provider such as a physician, physician assistant, nurse, or nurse practitioner like at Green Relief Health.

Who Can Perform A Lip Flip?

You might wonder if this can be performed at a day spa where you might get your facial or nails done, and the answer is no. A lip flip should be performed at a medical clinic or med spa such as Green Relief Health with a licensed provider who is proficient and trained in this procedure. In addition to ensuring that you choose the right provider, the office staff should be able to give you a clear idea of your risks, benefits, and costs associated with this treatment.

How Does This Differ From Lip Filler Injections

Now that you understand what the lip flip is and why it is performed, you might be wondering why someone would get this done instead of lip filler injections. Another name for lip filler injections is lip augmentation. This article will explain what the difference is between the two treatments, and further, discuss why some patients might be better candidates for one or the other procedure and not both. When someone says they’re getting their “lips done”, they are typically referring to lip filler treatment. Lip filler treatment involves placing a dermal filler, most commonly a hyaluronic acid filler such as a filler from the Juvaderm or Restylane line, into the body of the lip and around the corners of the mouth in order to enhance, enlarge, and give a more youthful appearance to the mouth and lips. Sometimes, patients might get both a lip flip and lip filler to enhance their lips. This is a decision made between you as the patient and your medical provider and depends on your anatomy and desired outcomes and expectations.

What Is It Like To Get Lip Filler

You might be wondering what it’s like to get lip filler treatment and this can vary depending on provider and how much sensitivity you have in your lips, as well as things like pain thresholds and tolerance levels. Your provider should thoroughly cleanse your lips and the skin around the mouth as well as properly numb your lips with a topical numbing cream medication. These steps prevent infection as well as provide analgesia, or pain reduction. While some providers may perform a dental block for this treatment, it is often not the most common method of analgesia for this procedure. Dermal fillers commonly have lidocaine medication in the filler solution, and this also helps to numb the lips as it is being injected into the area. It is very normal to have bruising and swelling after this procedure and that swelling could take a week or two to subside. It is always important to discuss expectations and complications with your provider prior to receiving treatment so you know what steps to take in case you would have a complication or question after treatment.

What To Expect After A Lip Flip

You might wonder what it’s like to put an anti-wrinkle medication around the muscle near your mouth and this is a great question! It is completely normal and expected to have your lips feel slightly weaker in the first few weeks after getting a lip flip treatment done. Actions such as drinking from a straw, pursing your lips, and sometimes even chewing can feel a bit off for the first few weeks and will eventually return to a normal feel. There are no other post treatment care concerns other than the typical post injection instructions when receiving an anti-wrinkle medication like Botox, Jeuveau, or Dysport. These precautions include avoiding the touching of your face, laying down, and exercising immediately after you receive treatment.

Can I Do Both Services Together?

As mentioned previously, sometimes it is common to get both a lip flip and lip filler procedures done together or within a few weeks apart. The reason for this most commonly is to allow for smoothing of the wrinkles or lines above the mouth, referred to as lip lines, as well as to give more volume and plumping in the top lip with the filler treatment.

Where To Get A Lip Flip Near Me

Now that we have had a look at what a lip flip is, how it differs from lip filler injections, and what you can expect after treatment, you might find yourself wondering where you can get a treatment done. First, you’ll want to choose a provider who has experience in this treatment and who is comfortable doing this procedure. You’ll want to also make sure that the provider is licensed and certified to perform aesthetic injections. At Green Relief Health, our provider is a member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE), American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM), and the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM). She values patient centered care and delivers natural and youthful aesthetic results for her patients. When you are seen as a patient at Green Relief Health, you are assessed comprehensively to determine what treatments are most appropriate for you, and to ensure there are no contraindications that would prevent you from having nothing short of great outcomes.

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