Botox For Men

Brotox— Botox For Men

Are you wondering what Brotox means? Well, simply put Brotox is Botox for men. Many men aren’t as familiar with med spa procedures so they may be wondering about how Botox for men works. Botox is a safe, effective, and reliable way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Botox has been available since the 1980s with millions of people having been treated.

Men care just as much about maintaining a youthful, professional-looking appearance as women do. That’s why Green Relief Health offers Botox for men that enhances your energetic and youthful look.

Benefits Of Botox For Men

Botox is a great place to start for men that are looking to experience anti-aging treatments. Botox is an injectable product which means that it is easily administered with no down time. When injected into muscles Botox blocks nerve signals that tell the muscle to contract. This relaxes the muscles, which in turn either reduces or eliminates fine lines and wrinkles that are caused from muscles movements. For instance, when you smile many will often see crow’s feet appear on the sides of their eyes. If these muscles on the sides of your eyes are relaxed the lines and wrinkles that appear from this movement will go away.

In addition to reduced fine lines and wrinkles, Botox for men can also have other positive benefits. Several studies suggest Botox can boost self-esteem in men and women. Scientists are still studying the reason, but it’s no surprise, in part because facial expressions appear to have a direct impact on mood. The act of frowning may contribute to sadness, while the act of smiling may contribute to happiness. The added benefit of feeling better while you look better is something many men like from receiving Botox.

Safe and Reliable

Understandably most people worry about the safety and reliability of any product before they put it in their body. The good news about Botox is that it is extremely safe and reliable. Botox is completely FDA approved and has been for a number of years. It has been used on millions of patients to reliably treat wrinkles and fine lines.

One way to increase the safety and reliability of Botox for men is to ensure that you are receiving injections at a qualified provider’s office like Green Relief Health in Baltimore. An experienced practitioner will understand exactly much Botox you need to have the desired results while still being able to show natural emotion on your face.

Botox Results

Botox offers men extremely positive results with no down time. It is important, however, to remember that the results are not immediate. Many think that an injection gives you an immediate result because they confuse Botox with dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are injections of filler in to a particular area of the face either to add volume or fill wrinkles. These fillers do have immediate results, but don’t treat the same type of wrinkles that Botox does. Botox treats dynamic wrinkles which are those that occur because of muscle movements. Filler is typically used to treat static wrinkles which are those that are always visible on the face even when a muscle isn’t moving.

The results from Botox typically take about three days to start appearing. These initial results, though, should not be interpreted as the final results of your treatment. It takes most men about 14 days to see the full effects of a Botox treatment.

Subtle Rejuvenation

The subtle rejuvenation of Botox is actually a positive for most men. Since the effects aren’t instantaneous your face will slowly and subtly transform until many will ask you what you are doing with your skin. As the fine lines and wrinkles fade away your skin will appear more youthful and you will have a more energetic appearance.

If Botox is done with a skin care regiment or other techniques to treat the skin like chemical peels you will see even greater results. The Botox will address the fine lines and wrinkles for men while a skin care regiment or techniques such as chemical peels can address texture and brightness issues of your skin.

Botox For Men Side Effects?

You may be thinking to yourself this all sounds great, but what are the side effects of Botox for men? The answer is that while no medical procedure offers zero side effects, Botox injections typically offer vary mild potential side effects. The typical side effects from Botox are no different than those from any other injection. It is possible to have mild bruising, tenderness, or swelling at the area of the injection. A less common side effect is an infection at the site of the injection. Again, though, if you are going to a reputable provider like Green Relief Health that is practicing good safety protocols an infection is very unlikely.

Botox Aftercare

Since Botox is an injectable product, the aftercare from a session is very simple. The team at Green Relief Health will typically recommend that you exercise the treated areas for a few hours after the injections. You can exercise the areas by smiling, scowling, or having a surprised look on your face. This helps ensure that the entire muscle area is exposed to Botox, which will guarantee the best results.

In addition to exercising the muscles after an injection, it is also recommended not to lie down or lean forward for four hours following the injection. This helps to ensure that the Botox doesn’t move away from the treatment site. It is possible for patients that take ibuprofen, blood thinners, and certain multivitamins to experience pinpoint bruising at the injection sites. This is a rare side effect, but it does typically fade quickly.

Botox For Men Takeaways

If you are a man looking to try some an anti-aging treatment beyond cosmetic products, Botox is a great introductory treatment for those looking to relax facial lines and wrinkles. Contact the team at Green Relief Health in Baltimore today to learn more about the treatments we offer and to schedule your Botox consultation.

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