Botox For Crow's Feet

Botox For Crow’s Feet

Are you wondering if Botox works for Crow’s Feet? Botox is an extremely popular non-surgical treatment for fine lines and wrinkles on the face including crow’s feet. As we age it is not uncommon to start to develop fine lines or wrinkles around the eyes when you smile, laugh, or squint. This article by the team at Green Relief Health in Baltimore, MD will provide you everything you need to know about treating crow’s feet with Botox.

What Is Botox?

Botox is a muscle relaxing agent. It is an injectable liquid that is used to treat areas of the face that tend to develop fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is created with botulinum toxin type A. This may sound worrisome, but it is not. Botox is a completely safe and FDA approved treatment to reduce wrinkles in areas of the face such as crow’s feet. It has been on the market since the 1980s and has been used by literally millions of patients successfully.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox works by limiting nerve signals from the brain to the specific muscle that it is injected in. This relaxes the muscles by limiting contraction. Once the muscle contractions stop occurring fine lines and wrinkles are softened or eliminated. When using Botox for crow’s feet, the injections relax muscles surrounding your eye corners, so your skin smooths out. The effects may be especially noticeable when you laugh.

What are Crow’s Feet?

When someone is talking about crow’s feet, they are generally referring to the lines that occur around the eyes. These are typically the first areas that most people see as they age. Typically, these fine lines or wrinkles are more visible when someone smiles or squints. Crow’s feet generally extended out from the corners of your eyes. They resemble the claws of a bird, hence the name crow’s feet.

The muscles around your eyes are used on a very regular basis. The skin in this area is also very thin and fragile. This causes wrinkles to form more quickly in this area of your face than other areas. As the skin is so thin here, it loses collagen faster than other parts of the face. This means that even young people can begin to develop crow’s feet.

Does Botox Work For Crow’s Feet?

The next question is does Botox work for crow’s feet? The good news is that Botox works for crow’s feet, laugh lines, forehead lines, and more. Botox relaxes the muscles around the eyes, which reduces or eliminates the wrinkles around the eyes. After you have Botox, you should notice that the skin underneath and around your eyes looks smoother. The difference should be particularly distinctive when you smile.

What To Expect When You Have Botox Done

Botox is injected right into the area of the treatment. In this case, it is injected right into the muscles around the eyes. It is done with an extremely fine needle to make the process as pain free as possible. In addition, a good practice like Green Relief Health will also use a topical numbing agent in the area of the crow’s feet to make the Botox injections even more pain free.

Since crow’s feet cover a relatively small area of the face most patients will typically need about 3 injections for each side of the face. Since, it requires such a small number of injections it will likely not take long to have your crow’s feet treated with Botox.

After treatment it is possible for your skin to be slightly flushed and the entry point of the injection to be slightly swollen. If you have mild discomfort, you can take an over the counter pain reliever to reduce discomfort. It is also possible to apply ice to the area as well to reduce any discomfort you may have. Any discomfort you have will be minor and should resolve quickly.

What Are The Results From Botox For Crow’s Feet?

Botox is an extremely effective way to treat crow’s feet. Most patients will typically start to see results from their Botox treatment after 3 to 5 days. These results, though, should not be viewed as the final results. It will take most patients about two weeks to see the final results from their Botox treatment. After the Botox has taken full effect you will see that the crow’s feet are either significantly reduced or completely gone as a result of the Botox treatment.

It is important to note that Botox is not a permanent solution for crow’s feet. Most patients will generally see their results anywhere from 3 to 4 months. It is possible for the results to last a bit longer as you have more treatments and your muscles get more used to being in a relaxed state.

Benefits of Botox For Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are likely the first visible sign of aging for many. This can often cause many to become disappointed and anxious about aging. The lines develop in this area of the face because of the delicacy of the skin in this area and the amount we all use these muscles to smile, squint, or laugh. Once crow’s feet become visible they will become more pronounced over time. Botox provides many benefits for crow’s feet including the following:

  • Targeted treatment that can work for just crow’s feet even if the rest of your face isn’t displaying any wrinkles
  • Non-surgical treatment that delivers results without the risks associated with surgery
  • Painless procedure— when done right you will feel no pain from your Botox treatment
  • Fast results that will be visible within days and last for months
  • Natural looking results that won’t make you look or feel fake.

How Can Green Relief Health Help?

If you are interested in Botox for crow’s feet, the team at Green Relief Health in Baltimore is here to help. Our team specializes in producing the best and natural looking results for you. We will walk you through the process and fully explain to you how Botox will improve the fine lines and wrinkles that make up your crow’s feet. If you are ready to experience great results contact us today.

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